COVID 19 Compliant

Dear parents,

We are so excited to celebrate our reopening of Tempo Red studios today! We can’t wait to see all our wonderful students.

However, we need to receive every child’s signed Covid-19 waiver form for us to be able to allow them into classes this afternoon.

If you haven’t already emailed through your waiver please do so before this afternoon’s classes. This will avoid any upset or embarrassment to your child, as by law we will be unable to allow your child access into the studio without receiving this.
All younger students being dropped off must be ready dressed in their ballet dance attire or their Tempo Red Uniform with their hair in a bun for ballet or hair up in a ponytail for other classes.
All students are to bring their own water bottle and only their dance shoes and dance uniform if changing.
Older students must place their school bags and items in their allocated lockers or the marked designated areas.

Also a reminder to parents driving their children to the studios, we have a kiss and drop off zone only. No parking is allowed at the front of the studios. You may park taking the ramp-up to our open-air car park opposite our studios if necessary.

As your child finishes their class your child will be chaperoned out to the kiss and drop area for you to pick them up.

Thank you for your understanding and we look forward to your children starting their first day back at Tempo Red with much joy and reuniting with their peers and teachers, with all the safety procedures put in place to keep everyone safe.

Diana and Shae

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