Dance Cirque

Introduce your child to something new and unique! Dance Cirque Circus classes are great classes for boys and girls over 5 years of age. Watch the excitement as your child looks forward to each class as they meet new friends and learn new skills.

The program includes interactive circuits, using apparatus like lyra, silks and trapeze and ground skills like juggling, hula hoops and more, all under the supervision of our fully qualified teachers. Great for cognitive development, strength and flexibility, and confidence.

Suitable for Primary and High School aged students.
Classes will be separated by age.

Dance Cirque Circus and Lyra classes

Introduce your child to something new and unique with Tempo Red’s Dance Cirque Circus classes. Specially designed for boys and girls aged 5 and above, our specialised program includes interactive circuits using apparatus like aerial silks for kids, trapeze, and lyra. Our classes also cover ground skills like juggling, kid’s hula hoop, and more.

Here at Tempo Red, all our ground and aerial classes for kids are conducted under the supervision of our fully qualified professional dance teachers. These circus dance courses are great for cognitive development, improving strength and flexibility, and boosting confidence.

Lyra Dance (Aerial Hoops)

Lyra is a type of acrobatic dance that involves performing a wide range of movements and poses inside a circular steel hoop that is suspended in the air. This beautiful form of artistic movement is a good training tool to build your child’s performance stamina, improve motor control, and enhance balance and coordination.

At Tempo Red, our lyra classes are designed to teach students the proper techniques and form to safely climb and descend the hoop. They will learn to perform static, spinning, or swinging tricks, as well as beautiful, fluid routines performed to the latest and most beautiful music.

About Our Classes

Watch the excitement as your child looks forward to each class, meets lifelong friends, and learns new skills at Tempo Red! Below are the things you need to know about our Dance Cirque Circus and lyra classes.

Who Can Join

Our Dance Cirque Circus classes are suitable for primary and high school-aged students. If you’re looking for fun classes for your kids aged 2-5 years, check out our Little Monkeys Circus lessons.

Class Schedule

Our ​​Dance Cirque Circus classes are scheduled every Thursday from 5:45 – 6:45 PM.

We’re excited to announce that this 2023, we’ll be launching our aerial silks and lyra classes for teens/seniors (aged 13+). The classes are scheduled every Thursday from 6:45 – 7:45 PM, right after the session for kids.

What to Wear

We recommend dressing your kids in our Dance Cirque longer style T-shirt, which is beneficial for protecting the skin on their lower back from silk burns. Team this with full-length black leggings or long shorts to protect the backs of their legs and knees.
Cirque dancing is generally performed in bare feet, so no need to bring any special kind of shoes.

Things to Bring

So they can be comfortable during and after each class, we encourage parents to prepare a silks/lyra bag for their kids. A silks/lyra bag should contain:

  • Water bottle
  • Towel
  • Healthy snacks
  • Antiseptic wipes


Before starting a class, be sure to remove your kid’s jewellery. Be sure to pull your child’s hair back and secure it out of their face into a ponytail as well.