Welcome to Tempo Red Online
Lets get setup for your online classes!

Simply follow the steps below to take advantage of our new online classes.

You will need to create a Google account (if you don’t already have one), and then join your Google Classroom for each class. Please download the online class timetable and save that for your reference.

Remember to also join our closed Instagram and Facebook groups for extra fun. Lastly please note term dates & holidays. All the steps are below! Lets have some fun.

Step 1 – Setting Up your Google Account

If you do not have a Google account, you will need to make one. You can do this with any existing email you have, or you can make a new Gmail email account.

Follow the steps below to make your Google account.

Step 2 – Join Google Classroom

In a separate email you will receive an invitation to join Google Classroom with a unique link / code for each class.

We will be running our online program via Google Classroom and our live streamed scheduled classes through Google Meet Hangouts which is comparable to zoom.

Google Classroom will allow correspondence between students and their teachers in a private forum for any questions to be posted after the live streaming of classes. Google Classroom will also be used to provide students access to extra pre-recorded content from their teachers, and students will have the opportunity to share videos of themselves within their specific class group, to reinforce improvement and showcase their skills.

Step 3 – Join Google Hangouts

We will be asking students to turn off their microphones for the majority of live streamed classes on Google Meet Hangouts. Our teachers also have the ability to control this from their end, to enable good quality audio and concentration during the class.

Students can also use the chat function during the Google Meet Hangouts live stream to ask any questions at the time, this maintains the connection between them and helps keep our studio family environment alive.

See how to access your live stream classes in the next step.

Step 4 – Your Studio and Class Timetable

Our online class timetable has the relevant Google Meet Hangouts links that you need to access your live classes.

The links to your classes will be available to click for access underneath your studio room number (1, 2, or 3).

If you have a class in Online Studio 1, then you will need to click the URL below ‘Link A’ to get started.

If you have a class in Online Studio 2, you will click the link below ‘Link B’ on the timetable, and the link below ‘Link C’ for Studio 3.

The scheduled timetable is attached to your email. Please save a copy of the timetable so that you can access it easily.

Step 5 – Join Our Private Instagram and Facebook Pages

These pages will have extra bonus content including:

Tutorial dance videos by Tempo Red teachers, external industry choreographer dance combos to learn, fun challenges, dance competitions, technique tips, drama exercises, dance grooming tips and more!

Tempo Red students will have access to bonus content from ALL genres, regardless of how many classes they take. This is a great opportunity to try something different and work on building new skills.

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When you register online, if the class you wish to enrol for is not available, please contact us and we will do our best to accommodate you or place you on our wait list.

Timetable & Term Dates 2020

We inspire Creativity, build strong Technique and ignite Passion for the performing arts.

Public Holidays 2020

Good Friday – Friday 10th April
Easter Saturday – Saturday 11th April
Easter Sunday – Sunday 12th April
Easter Monday – Monday 13th April
ANZAC Day – Saturday 25th April
Queen’s Birthday – Monday 8th June
Labour Day – Monday 5th October

2020 Term Dates

Term 1: Monday 3rd February – Thursday 9th April
Term 2: Monday 27th April – Saturday 4th July
Term 3: Monday 20th July – Saturday 26th September
Term 4: Monday 12th October – Saturday 12th December