Tap Dance Classes

Tempo Red offers tap dance classes for aspiring Fred Astaires, Tap Dogs, and Billy Elliots in Brookvale and the Northern Beaches. Our goal is to provide an encouraging environment where kids and adults can step up and dance their way into a happier and healthier lifestyle.

Introduction to Tap

Tap is an American theatrical dance that originated in the 19th century. It is a fusion of several ethnic percussive dances, primarily northern England clog, African foot stamping, and traditional Gaelic jigs. It rose to popularity in the 1930s for being a significant component of musical films.

Tap dance involves dancing with a special kind of shoe that has metal plates fitted to the sole. While most dances are set to music, “tappers” create some of the sounds with their dancing. As they move, their tap shoes’ plates clack against the dance floor, creating a crisp, resonant, and satisfying tapping sound.

Different Styles of Tap Dancing

Tap dancing has many unique styles and types that evolved from unique time periods, beliefs, and cultural roots. At Tempo Red, our highly experienced professional tap dance instructor teaches a combination of old and modern tap styles, such as the following:

Classical Tap

Also known as flash or swing tap, classical tap was popularised through 20th-century movies. This style is a combination of upper-body movement, wild and wiggly leg movements, and sensational acrobatic stunts with percussive, syncopated footwork.

Broadway Tap

Sometimes referred to as show or musical tap, broadway tap is a combination of Hollywood with traditional forms of tap. It focuses on the dance itself, including performance and body formations, rather than the musicality of tap dancing.

Rhythm Tap

In rhythm tap dancing, the tap shoes themselves are viewed as instruments, hence, it is usually performed without musical accompaniment. This style of tap focuses on the percussion created by striking the tap shoes on the dance floor.


Hoofing features grounded, hard-hitting steps, such as stomps and stamps, to create different sounds and rhythmic percussions. In essence, it is a form of self-expression through complex combinations of taps.


Street Tap

This budding style of tap is a new and evolved contemporary dance form that combines hip-hop and funk. This makes it one of the most popular styles for the upcoming generation of tap enthusiasts.

This System of Training is designed to teach students musicality and unison, adding a fresh approach to class structure as well as expanding the teacher’s knowledge and creativity.

The programme includes syncopation and A capella tapping and is enhanced by the addition of multi levels which you progress systematically. These include warm ups, canons, cross rhythms, freaky feet combos, corner work, use of props and various combos. 

It is structured so that students present their work in pairs or groups – helping to develop unison when tapping and encouraging interaction with one another during each combo.

Tap Dance Classes for Kids and Beginners

If you’re looking to introduce your child to tap dancing, Tempo Red is proud to offer tap dance classes for kids and beginners under the supervision of our talented and renowned instructor, Reid Perry.

Our progressive course of creative techniques and routines is designed to help students improve their musicality while incorporating tap steps and combinations. Here at Tempo Red, we strive to help advance your kid’s performance skills and overall fitness through our classes.

Among the many benefits of tap dancing for kids include:

  • Increased cardiovascular conditioning
  • Improved strength
  • Enhanced flexibility
  • Better coordination
  • Enriched cognitive abilities
  • Developed sense of rhythm and timing

Put Your Best Foot Forward!

We’re excited to see you step up your tap dancing! To learn more about our tap dance classes for kids and beginners, enquire using the button below.